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Toyota MR2 Spyder Injector Service - Street & Track Prep

A recent customer of Fuel Injector Spa purchased an imported from Japan, (right hand drive) 1999 Toyota MR2 Spyder from central Canada and trailered it 2,000 kms to it’s new home here in Barrie, Ontario! Although the car was neglected sitting parked for some time by the previous owner, the overall condition was pretty mint (except for the engine).

This was the last generation of mid-engine cars from Toyota… If you’re not familiar with what MR2 stands for, Toyota kept it pretty simple: Mid-engine, Rear-drive, Two-seater.

The owner (a tuning and racing enthusiast) has big plans for the car, as he should since the mid-engine platform really sets the stage for amazing performance, but for now he wanted to get it running with another base engine (since the 1.8L engines are plentiful and inexpensive) so that he can dial in the chassis and test it’s limits before going big on power.

The injectors were brought to us (before the replacement engine was installed), they were ultrasonically cleaned and flow tested to perfection. The car runs and responds nice and crisp, like new!

The owner plans to set this car up for track (and street use), he contemplated putting in a Camry V6 as the next engine for this car, but came to realize that although it will sound badass with a V6, nothing will compare to the power potential (and savings of weight) that a Honda K series engine would. I’m sure you’ll see another post of this car in the future once he’s ready to install a Honda K20 or K24

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