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Honda Injectors Cleaned and Ready for Competition – EK Civic Built for Performance

Pat and James, twin brothers living in Barrie, Ontario, have owned this 1998 Honda Civic for over ten years. It began it’s days with them as an all black unmodified lightweight basic CX model, lacking the luxuries of power windows and sunroof, the brothers knew that this was the right base to build a good handling and fast performance car that would be fun on the street and a great contender for competition on the track. With the car being stored for many years, it is now being thoroughly refreshed and upgraded to the level that Pat and James desired. Lots of work has gone into the car over the past few months, it bears lots of OEM upgrades that makes this car very identical to a factory Japan spec Type R Civic (not offered in North America). The JDM swapped engine has been rebuilt by the owners and Fuel Injector Spa completed full Ultrasonic cleaning and flow tests of the OEM upgraded injectors for this project. Asides from under the hood, the brothers assured that the exterior would match as best as possible to the Type R version… Everything from the Championship White paint, the headlights, even keeping the rear hatch wing base the original matte black color as a factory Type R.

This tastefully modified Civic is still in the works (as you can see in these pictures), but is not far at all from completion. Pat and James plan to first start autocrossing this locally (at the Twin Lakes Motor Club events, situated at the Molson Park Centre in Barrie), then move on to open lapping and time attack around Ontario. We look forward to seeing and hearing this car in action, good work!

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