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Prevent misfires and engine lights by stopping rodent intrusion,

With the cold weather here in Barrie, ON, many people in the central and northern region of Ontario will be facing Check Engine Lights and misfiring engines. It’s a problem due to rodents making a warm home out of engine bays.

While they’re making themselves cozy, they will chew away at wires and their coatings, cutting off electrical connections to important engine components like Knock Sensors and Injectors. They especially make homes under manifolds, engine covers and even cabin air boxes.

The results are a hazardous mess and time consuming in most cases to access and fix the wires.

Some car manufacturer wires are made of materials that unintentionally attract rodents, who can’t get enough of the wire coating.


Before you ever have to deal with this, one simple proven tip is to take Peppermint Abstract (these can be purchased at the grocery store for under $5.00) and splash it around the engine bay, on areas where you’re not soaking wires and sensors. What you’re trying to do is to spread the scent of Peppermint around the engine bay. Rodents apparently don’t like the smell of it, so they should stay away.

Another option is Mothballs, as the scent of these is suppose to keep the furry critters away. Never use Mothballs in the interior of the car though, it’s not safe for humans to inhale in such a confined cabin... It has also been rumored that Bounce dryer sheets repel mice.

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