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Service & Rates

Basic Cleaning and Testing starts at $29.95 per injector* for top feed direct port injector (minimum of four injectors).

The Process: 

Our Asnu machine is part of the world leading Gasoline Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing Systems, it allows us to test injectors at variable fuel pressures and pulse rates, along with performing these procedures: 

- Leak Test

- Spray Pattern Test

- Flow Test

- Ultrasonic Cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning allows the injector to free-up and clear built up debris by creating small implosions in the injector spray head. We also check resistance of each injector and replace o-rings and filters as needed (additional charges may apply)

The entire process allows us to see that all injectors are in consistent and good functioning order. If an injector cannot meet this criteria after cleaning and tests, it would be suggested to be replaced. 

*Price does not include 13% HST

** Note, not all injector exterior bodies will be descaled/refinished - Injector cleaning focuses on the performance of the spray head. 

Additional charges for "unique" injectors or for refinishing bodies of injectors.


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